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Work in Work is a company that; offers the office solutions in construction, architecture and project; and serves with the franchise of leading brands in their sectors. You can see the metarials and applications together in the specially-constructed ‘Showroom-Office’ and can get services from the preparation of your project -special for you- even to the construction.

For your office projects; we are waiting you Work in Work / Ankara for our Showroom Store of Trimline and Nurus Furniture.


Nurus; who understands human, who is next to him and who empathizes; fulfills responsibilities at every stage of production for life sustenance with forward visibility.

Nurus; respects its employees as well as the users with a human-focused approach; and is producing permanent solutions for the world we live in to be a better place.

Nurus makes necessary invesments for sustainability with its knowledge and experience; and shares that consciousness to its staffs as well as its suppliers and collaborators too.


Designers; now see the partition systems as a 3D concept, and accept it as indispensable color of their designs in all building projects.

3 important criteria is emerging here; Flexibility, Quality, Economy.

Our systems reach a certain quality at the present time with the slogan of “Free World of Measures” and by this; unlimited designs are taking place with simple, quick assembly and disassembly. With Trimline, all your wood applications are proffessional.